Pollupatch Formaldehyde Test: Housing Kit

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With pollu patches, sources of pollutants can be identified quickly. The test can be evaluated completely independently using the easy-to-understand traffic light color code. The catalog of measures gives tips on how sources of pollutants can then be eliminated.

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How it works.

Die Patches sind schnell verteilt und der Test kann beginnen.

1. Distribute patches

Distribute the pollu patches in the room at the places where you suspect sources of pollution.

Nach 24-48h können die Ergebnisse einfach abgelesen werden.

2. Waiting

Within 24-48 hours the green patches turn yellow or reddish if contaminants are present. If there are few or none, they remain green.

Eine Auswertekarte ermöglicht es sofort passende Maßnahmen zu ergreifen.

3. Evaluate

You can evaluate the test yourself using the simple color traffic light. The enclosed catalog of measures will then help you to act in a targeted manner.

Further information

Application Description

In a few seconds, the pollup patches are placed and the formaldehyde test can begin.

If formaldehyde escapes from a material or object, the pollup patches will discolour within 24 hours. In this way, poll patches help to quickly obtain site-specific information about the sources of pollutants.

Whether cuddly pillows, bedding, toys, sports equipment or wooden chest of drawers: With the formaldehyde test you can quickly and easily identify the sources of the problem. With the supplied catalog of measures, you can take easy-to-understand measures directly without trying things back and forth for a long time.


  • 5x pollupatch packs (contents 5 pieces each)
  • 5x evaluation cards with immediate catalog of measures
  • 1x instructions for the formaldehyde test
  • 2x tweezers
  • 1x MDF chip for positive control

durability and storage

  • 4 weeks shelf life when stored at room temperature
  • >6 months shelf life when stored cool (4-12°C)

What is the verification procedure?

Pollupatches consist of a special bioplastic, which has large pores into which pollutants such as formaldehyde can penetrate. Inside the gel is a bio-indicator that is sensitive to formaldehyde. This reaction leads to the degradation of the green color and a color change towards yellow, orange and red. This color change is easily visible to the naked eye.

Are the patches dangerous? 

No. The patches consist only of substances that are harmless to health. During development, care was taken to ensure that no hazardous substances, poisons or aggressive chemicals were used. 

However, the patch is not suitable for consumption and we advise keeping the patches out of the reach of animals and children. Also, make sure you discard any patches back after use.

How reliable are the results?

Each test kit includes a positive and a negative control. This way you can be sure that the test kit works and that your results are meaningful. Each batch is extensively tested before it is released. Pollu patches are a guide that should help you to get an overview of possible sources of pollution quickly and easily. 
The patch is a good guide, if you are looking for verifiable evidence, we would be happy to advise you on the selection of special sensors and experts.

If you want to find out more about the sensitivity and reproducibility of the test methodology, you can request the data sheet here. 

The patches are made of biodegradable materials and can be easily disposed of with normal residual or organic waste. You can also crumble the patches after use and use them as biological fertilizer. 

Formaldehyde is a pungent-smelling gas classified as a "suspected carcinogen". It is used in numerous products such as:

– Textiles,

– pressboard and other glued wood materials,

– glue and varnish,

– cosmetics and cleaning products.

According to the Federal Environment Agency and WHO, the maximum guideline value for indoor spaces is 100 µg/m³ or 0.1 ppm.

High levels of formaldehyde can cause irritation to the lungs and eyes. Formaldehyde is a pungent but neutral smelling gas.

Formaldehyde test application

The duration of the measurement is 24-48 hours. The evaluation is carried out using an easy-to-understand traffic light color code. The discoloration of the indicator is due to a reaction from a bioindicator. Please keep the patches out of the reach of children and animals. 

With a simple patch that detects contamination in just 24 hours, you can make the changes that make the difference.

All you need is a pollupatch.

Why wait?

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